The Call of Adventure

Thorn-covered vines creep upward from golden rocks.
In the background, a calm sea gently glimmers under the setting sun.
Halfway between the vines on the stoney shore and the ocean, there's a vineyard.
A dragon sits near the thorns and rocks, crouched, looking toward the vineyard. You see her in profile—big black wings and beautiful, detailed scales moving slowly with her measured breaths.

A warm wind blows from the West. It whispers of adventure. Of danger. Of something lost wanting to be found.

Twinkling stars look almost gold in the twilight.
The dragon flies upward, crossing in front of a crescent moon.
Beneath the dragon, clouds swirl in gusts of wind from her wings.

She takes flight—a hunter on the wind.
Seeking. Searching. Soaring ever higher, ever farther.

In the horizon the dragon can see a mountain—or is it a volcano? Even farther in the distance, there's a strip of land, and behind that, the full moon.
The wind brings fog inland from the ocean, covering the land below. In between this field of grey a river is visible, parting the landscape.
The silhouette of the dragon, flying with big strokes of her broad wings, cuts in front of the sky, above the fog.

In the distance, a blanket of fog covers the earth. The air takes on a salty tang. This is the land that holds the treasure she seeks, she’s certain of it.

The stars appear closer now that the dragon is higher in the sky.
The dragon lands on a ledge on the top of the volcano. Her wings spread creating a graphic shadow in front of the moon.
The dragon's wings gently beat, as she catches her breath atop of the volcano.

On the boney edge of a long forgotten volcano, she alights. Her prize is near. All that to claim it.


Chapter 1

Bottle of Girl & Dragon Malbec wine showing the label, which features a detailed illustration of a dragon and girl.

2021 Malbec

Mendoza, Argentina


Aromas & Flavors

A fierce red wine with bright berry flavors and a soft, lush texture.

Daring Pairings

Paella, grilled meats, hearty stews

Bottle of Girl & Dragon Pinot Grigio wine showing the label, which features a detailed illustration of a dragon and girl.

2020 Pinot Grigio

Veneto, Italy


Aromas & Flavors

Soaring aromas of green apple and citrus lead to bright flavors of melon, pear and tangerine.

Daring Pairings

Shrimp Scampi, soft cheeses, or chicken piccata


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